Varaluz Soho 2-light Statue Garden Vanity Fixture

It&apos;s wild like the swamps are. And it&apos;s wild like the Manhattan art scene, too. This decadent collection brings a tribute to Mother Nature into your living room (or bath, kitchen, etc.). Each fixture features tangled vines of recycled steel that support hand-crafted ice glass. The soft tones of the ice glass provide soothing balance to the design&apos;s asymmetry.<br><br><ul><li>Varaluz takes the definition of sustainability to the next level with steel made from 70-percent or greater recycled content and recycled glass.</li><li>This fixture uses a low-VOC finish, further lowering its environmental footprint.</li><li>This Varaluz fixture is made by hand by skilled artisans in Show more
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