Due to high eth price and imperfect random number generation, playing Etherization at this moment is NOT recommended. We are currently focused on CryptoTask, decentralized freelancing market with built-in, scalable dispute mechanism. You can access the platform HERE and read more HERE.

Contract at: 0x7F6eAC2EA38284645795996b11F9Bf227cf9551d

Here is a template screenshot:

Or you can continue reading about Etherization below.

What is Etherization?

Etherization is a civilization like game on Ethereum blockchain, written in Solidity, due to gas limits per block split in 3 contracts. Players add or withdraw ether to their treasury; by playing well they can increase it and make profit. It is possible to increase treasury by capturing other players' cities or by developing their own cities and taking a cut in other players' actions through production buildings. Before making the next move, players have to wait a fixed period of time, currently set to 6 hours (18 seconds on test private-net).
There are 3 units types and 5 building types. When any player builds a unit or a building, owners of this building type get a cut of the cost. For example: production building for pikemen unit type is woodworks. If there are 2 players in the world that have this building, they will each receive 50% of the pikemen cost that the player who built the unit paid. Quarry brings a cut on building construction. Farm brings a cut on unit maintenance (when a player builds a new unit, he pays maintenance cost on his all other exisiting units). Woodworks is pikemen production building, metalworks for swordsmen, and stables for horsemen. Each unit type has its strengths and weaknesses: pikemen are strong against horsemen, but weak against swordsmen; swordsmen are strong against pikemen, but weak against horsemen. When moving units or attacking cities, source and destination cities need to be neighbours. To play all you need is Chrome browser with Metamask plugin (switch to Mainnet). Play HERE.
Here is a Gameplay video.

And a few screenshots:


City screen

How to play?

1) Easiest way to play is using Chrome browser with Metamask plugin (switch to Mainnet). Play HERE.
2) Alternatively by running geth and mist browser.
Start geth and start mist in another terminal (leave geth running). Download GUI and point mist to our html5 file, for example: file://~/ethjs/etherization.html

Can I check the contract source code?

Absolutely. The contracts live on these 3 addresses with verified source code:

How to play on private-net?

You need geth and mist browser. To play on private-net to try out the game and avoid losing any real ether you need to start geth with a few parameters.
First, we need a custom genesis.json

"nonce": "0",
"difficulty": "0x20000",
"mixhash": "0x00000000000000000000000000000000000000647572616c65787365646c6571",
"coinbase": "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
"timestamp": "0x00",
"parentHash": "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
"extraData": "0x",
"gasLimit": "0x2FEFD800",
"alloc": {}

Save that as genesis.json. Then run geth telling it to use the .json (private-net blockchain will be saved in private-net dir in home directory):
geth --rpc --datadir "~/private-net" --ipcpath "~/.ethereum/geth.ipc" --networkid 445598 init genesis.json
(mist looks for geth.ipc always in the default ethereum directory)
Then to create a new account on the private-net:
geth --rpc --datadir "~/private-net" --ipcpath "~/.ethereum/geth.ipc" --networkid 445598 account new
(you can just hit enter for pwd, it's only private-net ether)
And finally start geth:
geth --rpc --datadir "~/private-net" --ipcpath "~/.ethereum/geth.ipc" --networkid 445598 console
In geth console we need to add the first peer manually as it's private-net (server running miner):
If you see block sync it means all is good, and you can start mist in another terminal (leave geth running). Download GUI and point mist to our html5 file, for example: file://~/ethjs/etherization.html
For private-net ether email me info (at) or mine yourself :)