Bspend is the only place that you will need to start spending your bitcoins. If you can imagine it, you will probably find it here. There is still a belief that bitcoins are difficult to use and owning them mostly a speculative investment. We want to change that. On our site you are only clicks away from using your bitcoins to choose among millions of products, find services, plan and book your travel arrangements or find a local coffee shop or restaurant.

We are hosting the largest Bitcoin product database / aggregator / price comparison service, as far as we know. We unify offers from all major and many minor markets, making it easy for the end customer to find the best deal. We have to keep the hosting and search efficient, so our running costs are significant. If you would like to support Bspend, please consider donating, we cannot do it without you. Help us help Bitcoin spread!

To keep search results as relevant as possible, we do not display out-of-stock products, nor do we count product variations as separate products (i.e. colour). We also filter out products from markets that cannot be bought with bitcoins. If we get enough suggestions though, we could start displaying out-of-stock products as well.

We plan to expand the site by offering a unified interface for accommodation and travel arrangements, add search semantics, advanced filtering, recommendations, etc. If you have any other suggestions or proposals, contact us. You can apply for a referral program and earn up to 10% in commissions! Place Bspend button on your site:

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